The California Poppy Times (CPT) is a freedom-of-speech, independent, non-mainstream newspaper. Our Acronym is "CPT" and it stands for The California Poppy Times, a newspaper that has quaint columns, bringing back the literary scene to newspaper articles and content writing. Reading world news is important as keeping up with current affairs in the poetry world. What are poets currently up to? What topics touch their sensitive sentient feelings? This non-mainstream newspaper has the answers for you. 

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The California Poppy Times-- Newspaper  has published established and non-established writers while promoting diversity, tolerance and inclusive values in publications. We hope to inspire the masses to put words on a paper while synchronizing them together to illustrate and document human history. The role of a writer is of everlasting value to Archeologists to understand humanity. CPT, as publishers of writers, is to evolve publishing platforms and raise awareness that self-publishing is publishing!  We do not put down content that has been self-published because they didn't apply for publication.

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 We handpick our content from social media sites like Gmail, Medium, Vocal, allpoetry.com, Instagram and Facebook like picking flowers from a poppy field. What catches our eye is like picking a piece of writing from a raffle bag, with years of experience of reading a variety of writings, we can spot a good piece at glance. Aesthetics, The California Poppy Times Newspaper, is expansive in what they consider beautiful and good writing. We are committed to combating biases, prejudices and brain washing by popular media. Do not let society think for you and that is what our content is about.


The California Poppy Times--Newspaper is 100% true to "The 14th Amendment" in The American Constitution AND FREEDOM OF PRESS! Please submit your (poems, articles, essays, fiction, any ink-stain-of-a-writing) to the Editor at: TheCaliforniaPoppyTimes@gmail.com OR CLICK HERE


                                                     A POETRY NEWSPAPER 

The California Poppy Times is a poetry newspaper, we publish poetry in newspaper columns with occasional features of other genres of writing! Our main focus is poetry and poetry is our metaphor with it's lyrical words that can say something as important as journalism. The reason for poetry is to reason with beauty!


 IN A SUMMARY: CPT is a fresh newspaper with innovative content that mixes world news, poetics and Instagram captions. It's a Los Angeles, California-based project with a lot of stems. We see a story in anything!

The Editor:

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My name is Vasti Carrion (and my pen name is: Acton Bell). I have been a published poet since the age of 17 years. I'm a contributor to five poetry anthologies:  Family By Robbin Barratt, No More Stolen Sisters By The Los Angeles Poets Society, Intensity and Beyond Words By Writegirl and Poets For Peace Facebook Anthology. I had a poem published in U.S Poetry magazine (waxpoetryart.com) called “Afro-Latina.”  My journalism has been published in Latinitas Magazine and The California Poppy Times Newspaper.  I have mid-western roots and my favorite flower is the mid-western cornflower! I went to the University of Iowa (UIOWA) in where I was in the Classical Studies department and I was an honors student. I am tri-lingual and know Spanish, English and French. I write poetry in three languages. 

The California Poppy Times is my personal project  and not meant to be a business. I am 100% Moderna/Covid-19 vaccinated! Read my interview by Robbin Barratt, HERE




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