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Ex-President Medvedev: In a Couple of Years Ukraine Will Cease to Exist

By Anton Krutikov                                                                                                     Published on August 1st, 2022 

Photo: AP/vedomosti.ru

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev is well known for his harsh and provocative statements in social media. He recently stated that in a couple of years Ukraine may “no longer exist on the world map.” The ex-president commented on the reports about the desire of the Ukrainian side to conclude a deal with the U.S. on the supply of American liquefied natural gas under the lend-lease on the condition of its payment in two years. According to Mr. Medvedev, the issue of preserving Ukrainian statehood is now not important for the United States, which is interested exclusively in the “anti-Russia” geopolitical project.

“I saw a report that Ukraine, under the Lend-Lease, wants to receive from their overseas masters LNG with payment for delivery in two years. Otherwise, the coming winter will simply freeze up. Just a question. And who said that in two years Ukraine will exist at all on the world map?” — asked the former Russian president on his Telegram channel.

According to Mr. Medvedev, the U.S. is so heavily invested in the project of Ukraine as “anti-Russia” that it no longer cares about possible economic losses. In his opinion, there is no economic logic in the actions of the U.S. authorities. Medvedev wants to appear ironic and make a bit of a joke on his American colleagues, hinting at the price they will have to pay for supporting Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“Biden said that he did not decide on sanctions against Russia as president, but as commander-in-chief. Actually, it is bad when there are two characters dictating different wills to a person. Usually, this has a well-known medical name in psychiatry.

But that’s not the point. Once again, about senseless American doctrinairism. The biggest power decided to punish others for bad behavior — Russia, China, Iran, North Korea. Naturally, to no avail, because there is no way to change the policy of a foreign (much less nuclear) power. Not one bit. But the commander-in-chief decided and did.

As a result of decisions of this commander-in-chief, but not the president of the United States, a lot of American and international companies lose enormous multi-billion-dollar facilities in our country. And what’s in return is nothing. As there was useful and not so useful lemonade in Russia, so there will remain. Only under a different brand. As there were buns with meat, so they will remain. Under a different name. Not to mention food inflation and the price of a gallon of gasoline, which, as the American oil workers told the world, is not due to some mythical threat from Putin, but to the ill-advised policies of Biden and his administration in the field of oil production and refining.

At least America has once again shown that it is determined to fight for democracy! The question is, at what price? Well, the choice is in everyone’s head. Especially when the characters in one’s head are actually two.”

Photo: AP/vedomosti.ru

Medvedev is not original in his remarks, as he only repeats the usual Kremlin narrative about the dangers of NATO and the collective West for Russia. It’s just that Medvedev, the former president and now Telegram micro-blogger, does so in an aggressive and, importantly, provocative manner. That is probably why the Kremlin did not refute Medvedev’s statements that Ukraine may not be on the world map in two years. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov only said that “Ukraine has big problems”.

Since the start of the military operation, officials in Russia have repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of Ukraine’s existence as a state entity and hinted at the prospect of incorporating certain of its territories into the Russian Federation. During his February 21, 2022 speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Ukraine could “with good reason be called Vladimir Lenin Ukraine” because it emerged as a result of Bolshevik policies and was created in a “brutal manner” in relation to Russia. As we know, the return of the territories was not originally named among the tasks of the “special military operation” in Ukraine. The Kremlin speakers were telling us mostly about “denazification” and “demilitarization”. However, the longer the conflict lasts, the clearer it becomes that it is the new territories that interest the Russian leadership in the first place. In this context, the statements of former President Dmitry Medvedev should be considered a very clear, provocative, and dangerous message. The seriousness of these intentions cannot be underestimated, because all imaginable “red lines” have long been passed by the Kremlin. Who knows, maybe Dmitry Medvedev, using aggressive political rhetoric, wants to remind us once again of his potential and unique experience as a populist politician. It is no coincidence that at the historic meeting of the Russian Security Council on February 21, 2022, when the decision on the military escalation of the conflict in Ukraine was made, Medvedev was the main hawk among the Russian leadership. He reminded the audience of his role in the 2008 war in Georgia, emphasizing his merits in the successful resolution of that conflict for Russia.

Perhaps this close friend and associate of Vladimir Putin wants to be back to big politics and dreams of becoming president again. President of Ukraine, at least.




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