Song Lyrics From New York

By Ato Cox

"As I wake up from my

 sleep, having had a long dream,

   About so many

 things in life, but now I

 feel mean,

  Since I can't believe

 today I slept until


 I snooze I lose and still

 doing it just after my


   Which happens to  

be in the month of


   This is not even the poem

 I had planned to 











 I'm just kicking myself 

again out of frustration

  In not having enough 

willpower to make or

 follow my resolution

Which is get up 

earlier and and not go

 back to sleep

But it  seems to be a

 self promise so hard

 to keep.

   This is probably why

 in life I'm a financial 


   And missing more 


guitar) due to being a




 This poem is so

 random off the top of

 my head

   It's truly my reality I 

that you've just read.

  I should be doing

 something now here


But I'm being

 prodded on to write

 what should be said

  I hope this effort 

poetic of mine is 


  And if you don't, ask

 me not again ,you'll 

simply be hated."


Published  June 1st, 2022




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