Original Poem
By Barbara Wikle            Published June 3rd, 2022

Dear Mom and Dad

 I'm so sorry that things were messed up, 

 when I was just an innocent kid.

 I ended up in foster care,

 and had no idea what I did.

 All I know is that I was cared for and fed.

 And there wasn't an awful smell in the house,

 you made me breath in as a kid.

 I remember I thought I cared for you,

 I thought it was normal to be ignored.

 Wondering all the time what the two of you,

 were doing behind the door.

 I'd just play by myself,

 wasn't much for me to do.

 Sometimes I tried to come in the door,

 but you wouldn't let me through.

 On the day the police came,

 and took you both away.

 One of them were telling me,

 everything will be ok.

 Now I'm with a Mom and Dad,

 that will tell me,

 they love me.

 But it is a different feeling inside,

 when they tell me.

 And how you told me,

 as you were walking away.

 They put me on their lap,

 and hold me in their arms.

 I really don't miss you Mom and Dad,

 I hope that,

 it's not wrong.

 It's not like we got to know each other.

 It's sad you made me believe.

 To be all alone,

 play by myself,

 and find what I could to eat.

 That is what a family is supposed to be.

 And it was just the norm.

  2015 (c) Copyright Barbara Wikle




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