By Pristine Wrights

I was too innocent to understand. I was naive. I thought you were the sheep you portrayed to be. I played with your soft white wool and basked in the comfort that came with it. I had myself consciousness so loose because you made seem like being careful was a waste of time. I was just an innocent minded child, who needed the love and care of someone. The protection from the harsh weather of the world. Someone to speak up for me when my little voice gets overshadowed. Yes, you gave those things and even more. You made me believe and relive the lost days of being in the warm hands of a parent. You had my believe and trust won over in your favor and you slowly lured me into your cave. Had me lost with your other preys. Thought it was a one of our normal plays. Time sped by and I thought we were going to go back home. I waited for your voice to lead me. Tell me what to do.. 

But it was just the cries of those you held prey. Begged to be free, but all to no avail.

You kept me in the dark, basking in the high of my helpless whimpers. You came after a while and my eyes sparkled with delight of your sight. You had your sheep clothing tossed at the corner. I saw the beast inside of you, yet the trust I had for you still held strong to my gullible innocent heart. My heart tingled with happiness for I thought you came to lead me out of the dark. I stretched out my hands, screaming out your name. Instead of the help I longed for, you spat on it with betrayal. Beastiality and cruelty.


Published on October 1st 2022




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