What Does Freedom Really Mean?

By Belle Ching             Published on www.TheCaliforniaPoppyTimes.com       June 1st, 2022

Freedom is the value that people over the world place being of the utmost importance in life.

Freedom of speech, My body is my choice, freedom to own a gun, etc.

Yes, it is a very important value in life but it’s often misinterpreted and abused, whether unintentionally or intentionally.

We’re only humans, most humans are no saints and have flaws. The flaw is of different degrees depending on the individual.

Our dark side could be very hard to stomach which we deny at times, where it’s lurking in the darkest side of the soul — if we were to look deeply.

Namely pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth, selfishness, etc.

After all, we are only humans.

The very raw side of us resides in the dark angel and self-control is needed, and proper laws are needed to tame its wildness for an orderly society.

Imagine your friend just speaking anything to his/her whim without thinking of how you feel and offending you, will you be happy?

Imagine someone caught a cold and still sneezes next to you, aren’t you worried that you may get infected and fall ill?

Imagine someone pulls the trigger of the gun just because he/she feels frustrated and angry, will you say it’s his/her freedom?

Then what’s the difference between humans and animals?

We humans that ruled this earth are perceived to possess the highest intelligence and have better self-control than almost all the animals.

We are all accountable for our actions and behaviors. No one else.

For those that have severe self-control problem:

You can not blame the whole world saying it’s everyone’s fault, except yourself.

Remember when you point your finger at everyone, three fingers are pointing back at you. (try it)

Why should other people pay for the disaster of your lack of self-control?

The world owes you nothing.

The fault is on yourself.

I understand sometimes bad thing does happen in life.

It is your REACTION to the bad thing that determines your outcome and your destiny.

You can either turn it around or make it worst.

Please return FREEDOM to its rightful meaning.

Freedom of speech means speaking responsibly, not speaking anything to your whims that hurt other people.

My body is my choice during the pandemic— if you are not afraid of dying it’s your freedom. However, if it infects the people around you then your freedom becomes selfishness. If they die then it causes grief to their loved ones. Many people suffer because of your one-person freedom.

Owning a gun is a to protect yourself, but this deadly and too easily available weapon often causes a massacre. Let more people carry more guns everywhere?! It’ll only bring more bloodshed and a more sickening society. It will explode from within and bring self-destruction eventually.

Please consider other people and not just be full of yourself. You are not the only one that lives here.

The real meaning of Freedom is to do what you want WITHOUT HURTING other people, physically or emotionally.

Remember, the world does not owe you anything. It is the ‘little you’ in yourself that owes you everything, including your faults. Look deeply into your soul, the devil is lurking there. Get rid of it before it gets rid of you.

Freedom cannot be of higher value than life.

Life is everything on earth here, what is there without life?

Freedom is not the right to do anything, it is the right to do the correct thing.

~ Unknown


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