By Ojo Olumide

you bump into a stream &
your shadow leaps ashore…
by the edge of this stream
two doves sits on a string of hay
they kiss each other, deep like a mourner-
using his lips to heal a bereaved;
fresh, like dews sharing intimacy
with a green plants at the beginning of summer.
your eyes fall on them from a distance
as they glisten in love-torch like the
fascinations of Disneyland.
later, they wing into a grain field to fetch straw &
together made a nest. eggs jut out birds
from the nest at sunrise.
because your heart is a convoy of radiance
your eyes births them with-
the twinkles of your eyeballs.
because to bear someone, anything is to
find solitude in the belly of disarray
like the stream & the birds
this poem is soothing you
this poem is pouring light into your wound
this poem is showering you with fondness
it taps you on the back to remind your heart that:

the stream, birds & poems are all weather buddies.


Published on October 1st, 2022




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