By Bidisha Chakraborty

Prosecuted by andro vigilance
My emotions fawned, restricted,blurred
History repeats the patriarchy
Trapped in plastic interactions
I was coiled,
Was anesthetic to sassy andro decency
Fell prey to synthetic sophistication
I realized a blissful holocaust
I stand straight to castration,
Discovered mechanics of patriarchy as political,
Treated gynotion with sex formulations
My emotions are romantic,
I breathe platonic spells,
My gynotion is seraphic
Nurtured with kindness and love
I am an amalgamation,
A daughter, a sister, a mother
Gynotion is not an idiot’s delight
Turning love to wild physical raptures
I am not a lump of meat,
Containing hollowed hopes and a cold soul
I have sheltered demonic scarecrows,
And ruined my rhythms
My gynotion is like a Daffodil,
As beautiful as an avowed soul

*Gynotion - it means gyno and emotion. As per the feminist critics gyno signifies
women, women texts, women criticism, women history and women poets in
theoretical sense. Similarly, gynotion throws light on women emotion which is also
critically significant. The term practically justifies the emotions of women, their
struggle and utmost faith on love where the patriarchal world deliberately posits them
as sexual idols to trigger satisfaction sensually.


Published September 1st, 2022




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