By Bidisha Chakraborty

Myriads of cauldron bubbles,
I am the one- third of devil, the red angel
The anatomy of uncultivated molecules
Invoked upon vulnerability
The terrible bitterness of cherries,
Moistened eyelids of terror
Venom, so deadening, so blasphemous
Withdraws ecstasies from Sun
Satan camouflage as Lucifer,
As inhumans as humans
Venom as a metaphor for self hammer-age
Poking horns and tempting ‘I’s
Septic than Mephistophilis*
Engaged in boiling cauldron for deceased self
Humanity loathed in venomous syrups of ingratitude
Satan wooes from his pandemonium
Venom, so deadening,so blasphemous
Erupting volcanoes of saintly terrorism
Beneath my heart resides a devil angel
Hungry hollowness of affinity
The venom no less than elixir
I share with the halo of my divinity
Serpents as my companions,
I practise necromancy
Venom, so lively dark
Subjected for my catastrophic coronation

*a character in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, known as the messenger of Satan


Published September 1st, 2022




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