Melbourne's Halloween

By Billie Ream

Growing up in the western suburbs of Melbourne, celebrating Halloween can be anti-climactic when I think back to my younger years. Not that I didn’t have fun, I loved dressing up as a vampire or some ghoulish creature with a scary mask roaming the streets knocking on peoples doors for Lollie's or whatever they had to offer. It wasn’t strange to knock on the odd person's door and hear the words “fuck off, this isn’t America”.  Most people were joyous and kind offering their polite apologies for not having any lollies and others would celebrate by handing out treats to us all. A variety of feelings towards Samhain. It’s all in good fun though getting to dress up and wander around the streets with the sister or a friend or two.
Getting to the age of eighteen it became a moment of celebration, a reason to drink and dress up acting like idiots with our costumes. Any reasons a good reason for an amazing night in the back yard with friends and family blasting music and drinking on a night celebrating an evening that is for the spirits of the dead or other worldly ghoulish creatures.  
I remember going to the cemetery years ago and partaking in a friendly gathering of a few people doing a couple of rituals invoking the spirits of the world, that was a lot of fun and once when I was a edgy teenager I even invoked the Devil himself in a form of ritualistic endeavours to reach the realms of hell and it’s companions.
Melbourne does hold events, I’ve only ever been to one with my father a few years back in the heart of the city, it was a burlesque event with many costumes and amazing acts of peculiar people, I  loved the night we got masks and went out. I owe my dad a lot too be fair and I don’t know if I could ever repay him in any sense of respects. Another great time was a couple of years ago, my mates and I had a house party, it was amazing. I smoked a lot of weed and had some MDMA and just prance around like the buffoon that I am. Friends of my friends are apart of the BDSM scene, they came with half naked leather and studs on their clothes with leashes around their necks, I got told by my sisters and brothers that it ended up being quite the theatre in my backyard on the patio with those friends eating out the girl or a bit of fellatio, heck I don’t know. I just get high and wander around talking to people or snorting drugs in the bedroom dancing to the music, what ever is going on isn’t something I’m bothered about. I find it funny though that my family were there and they told me about the crazy scenario that was occurring. They were not apart of it just so you know it was  a random thing that happened without anyone’s knowledge, love it. carefree parties without anyone getting harm done towards them, it’s a free world, do whatever you please.
Another year my family and I went to an area with houses that were decorated  with  a lot of people gathering around. I said to my sister “I’ve gotta go to work” and left. I got to my car and slid into my jumpsuit and pulled my  clown mask on. I  found my way in front of my sister with her two kids and a friend. I stood there staring at them as they walked past, they had no idea it was me. I honestly thought they would, seeing that they know how I can be. Obviously, I walked behind them waiting for them to start getting a bit worried,  knowing my sister would get her parental protection on. I waited until I saw in her eyes a glowing red “don’t fuck with my family” then I took off my mask.
 It’s the little things of celebrating Halloween when you get to have a bit of fun. It’s a time to scare people with scary masks and have fun while doing so. Highly recommend to keep up the spirits of Halloween in all it’s glory and forms.
 Well that’s my Halloween summed up for you readers, by all means come to Melbourne I’d be sure you will find events happening with spectacular theatrical acts that will take you wholesomely to another world for the evening. There are people that make costumes that you can buy and hire and an array of choices for your drink or drugs of poison to indulge the spirits of the dead with your soul unleashing out to the world. 




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