A grievance month of love & hope

By Billie Ream

What a month it has been in Victoria Australia, we have had floods taking over our lands from torrential downpour engulfing our skies. It’s Melbourne’s weather on steroids, bucketing down with force then not long after the clouds disperse unveiling the sun evaporating the rain to hide it’s cause of disaster.
What a month it has been for myself, crazy indeed. A week ago my baby girl Nancy (a cat) was euthanised due to a cancer in her leg and a week later my Nans cat that has been alive for eighteen years at least was also euthanised, and a week later at 9:19pm my Nan Zelma Jones had passed away at the tender age of eighty-four. A fortnight of grieving spirits locked in the time of our loved ones passing and now it’s into the eons of passing time that will not suffice these departures.
I find it all quite intriguing in peculiar happenings, watching someone from a young age get old and dwindle away into a body that reveals little of what most of their life had portrayed. None the less it was my Nan, it is my Nan in her changing form of life, inevitable in her departure, no matter how so it still burdens the heart in such a way only time can allow grief to pass in its slow state of acceptance.

In between all of these passing grievances, I can say on a lighter note that I have been seeing Melbourne with eyes of a stranger in this strange young town, quite exhilarating for myself I have been applying for jobs to be a tour guide. An entirely new job for me, but I figure I’d love to learn to tell stories of this city and hopefully get into the strange and peculiar past of a young thriving city. I had gone on a shadowing experience just last Friday, shadowing means that I will tag along with the company and get a feel for it all. The guide had taken a mother and a daughter and myself to four hidden bars in Melbourne and mate, I loved it! it was amazing walking into places that I wouldn’t have walked into, being financially unstable most of life, I’ve always been one to window shop life, look on the outskirts but not often be apart of it. Now being in the tour guide companies I can finally see Melbourne in a way that stems away from a certain sense of seeing the city for it’s detachment issues.

From an alley way pub called Whitehart filled with flora that creates a fresh air vibe while being outside and under cover to a speakeasy bar called Beneath Driver lane, a candle lit joint with blues music and a variety of cocktails that will have your mind bending into different realities of an in depth atmosphere. We had then moved onto a bar in the crevices of China town called Ballers this place had dart board games that were connected to a computer and you have a selection of types of games we had played killer. You have to aim for certain numbers on the board within your coloured triangle, once you had achieved getting all your numbers you then get to strike the other players from their three lives all the while the screen will either mock you or praise you depending on your game play. Our last stop was a place called Seamstress upstairs in a tiny room, styled with Chinese clothing on the roof and a tiny balcony at the back the overlooks China town with an exquisite view and a vibe from a hundred years ago the tasting food bites were just to die for and I don’t say that lightly, it was amazing.
Oh, I also have been doing shadow shifts for Lantern Ghost Tours in the beautiful town of Williams town and the CBD city streets with its abundance of history dating from the 1850’s its quite exhilarating in it’s history and spooky stories, there is also Pentridge Prison where I have get to be the gatekeeper and walk behind the tour groups ensuring the safety of everyone. I can’t wait for next month and the spectacular beauties that I endeavour on my new adventures, for now I am quite happy with what I am doing. Until next month have the best time of your life.

In life we live quite mad,
Sometimes our spirits are quite sad,
In days of slumber and mental ills,
We find a way to pass our inner guilts.
To pass our way on a rainy day
Its families that do not go astray
with our defiance of inevitable passings
we are glad to leave our markings of love,
to ensure an everlasting time and not give up.
blissful in life,
take it all with might
life is today, yesterday has passed
And tomorrows full of lesser todays sorrows clouded by our many masks




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