Melbourne a city that....

By Billie Ream  
California Poppy Times Writer

Melbourne a city that brings people together to share their words, whether it be festivals or a quiet
afternoon with a handful of people in a pub at the back of Richmond a light shines on poetry. it may be
hidden on the walls as you walk the streets during the days. it could abuptly cause a gathering of people
coming together for days thrown together for festivals of those willing to share their mind and peculiar
Melbourne's scene is vibrant with swirls of words gallavanting around blocks of the CBD. Making their
way to the outter suburbs where lingering strangers share their words to one another on stages in the
corners Melbourne.
it's amazing what you can find around
have a google,
a few things can be found
it's a city that can be lush and profound
it depends where you go in the delicate streets Melbourne's town.

In fact the other day was beautiful, walking Down Swanston St on my way to get the train at Flinder St
Station a poet was lashing out his words with a poetic force that I envy for myself. I personally was
amazed by the thrill of someone doing something different, a treat of the mind that is rare for my curious
find of the streets of Melbourne. Even my neightbour put together a book of poems based in Altona. It's
amazing how you can get to know people through poems.

Poetry, poets and poems are a heartfelt way in the ways of Melbourne, it's not all the time I come across
the world of poets. I will poke my head in on the odd occassion and see beautiful souls divulging in a self
that is satisifying to the observers.
At times i can be a part of that, it's been before COVID I have been out and about in the scene of
Melbourne's Poetry. There is alot of beautiful people that i have met in the past. Of course alot of the
places I did know to attend are now closed down after COVID had caused it's impact in the city.
I see events that involve international and national people of all backgrounds and cultures, it's definitely a
great place to explore when you have a city that will allow your minds to make sense in a world
constricted by many negative circumstances, it's great to have an outlet in a peculiar city that has a culture
hidden in bookstores, pubs and places i've yet to find.

My town of birth
it has shaped me
made me
a place of growth
on Earth
it's short history
has extravagant mysteries
our past is dark covered white
sorrow felt lands,
guilt coverd hands
poems of our hearts
for those amongst the stars
melbourne is a city where it all starts


Published on September 1st, 2022




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