The Slap with a Fake Echo 

By Toni S.

How Fake Hollyweird will follow the instructions of the well-oiled P.R. team and the Academy.


He slaps a man across the face,

For creating an environment of disgrace.

Awhile his wife anxiously looked on,

She felt her spirit being frowned upon.


From a choice which her husband had made

Which severed his career and left hers frayed.

As reporters scrambled to scrape the bottom of the barrel

To take aim at a hero with their hypocritical arrows. 


And just like soldiers lined in a row,

They all chirped-in for the final throw,

Of a Gentle Giant underneath a bus,

As each hypocrite scoffed of their own discuss.


As if each of them has not done their own dirt,

Traveling to private islands to visit young girls’ skirts.

I know for sure these chirpers have secrets

Of times when they were less than preachers.


But to soothe the ego of the Academy,

Each joined in to assist with a career vasectomy.

Now the weird of Hollywood get on with their lives

They secretly hope that they can survive.


Such a vicious attack toward their own names

The same way they attacked, pointed and blamed.

A gentleman who protected his wife

By slapping a man for his disrespectful strife.




Published on October 1st, 2022




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