Black and Red

By Daniel Moreschi

Within a latent, pathless peak,

A mountain’s womb begins to leak

The flicker of a fervid hue,

When primal mantles stir a brew.

An exhale turns into a cloud

That scatters as a stony shroud,

While foam and fume pervade a thrust

And stoke the trails of a cradled crust.

From black and red come ash and flame

That time can neither calm nor tame

Which rises as a graceful guise

Till light and dark contest the skies.

Where ancient scapes and woodland limbs

Succumb to the breach of sylvan rims,

A lasting swath of lava might

Prolongs its reach to seize the night.

The dawn bestows a hopeful path

Of new beginnings born from wrath,

With all that was, a thing of lore,

While dormant lies the base once more.


Published on September 1st, 2022




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