By  Funkekeme Jude Akposeye                                     Published on July 1st, 2022

a sensitive young cow stood in a chief's compound

a tiny dirty rope on it's neck held it to a nearby tree

the wind spoke into it's ear without making sound

it said "mighty creature of flesh you'll never be free"

the sensitive cow could see the crowds scattering

as sky tears fell down and fed it with white waters

it could hear sounds of the crickets in the evening

as home windows began to close with lil shutters

the sensitive cow looked everything everywhere

and with each earthly flower and weed it broke

the scents of celebration were thick laid in the air

dreams of the long eternal rest arose like smoke.

the sensitive young cow opened eyes to the light

cocks crowed in joyous grief in the far distance

as day crept out from the flowing ocean of night

from the breast of worry it sucked out resistance

the sensitive cow panted and moowed with bliss

it's feet trembled and it's breath mixed with fear

heads flung around in a deep joyous happiness

the spirit of celebration swept across everywhere

the sensitive cow couldn't understand the display

as many canopies were set up in a beautiful line

and the emotion drop music began to gently play

men and women were all dressed, looking so fine

the sensitive young cow felt a hand pulling on

a shiny blade was carried by a man wearing black

and on the ground was spread a big grey nylon

the crowd cheered as the man began his attack

it gave a cry of pain as the blade went through

flung to the ground blood dripped everywhere

as death eased away senses, it stared to the blue

still unable to understand why they would cheer.

© Funkekeme Jude Akposeye





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