Grief and anger

By Tina Rimbaldo

May the cobalt blue overpaint merlot red ?

May the Anger stop its dread  when the Grief starts to  spread ?

Siamese twins ,together they coexist  on a spinning wheel .

One goes  lower .

One goes higher .

So the Griefs water ,may never extinguish  Angers fire .



Published on October 1st, 2022


Martina Rimbaldo is a   woman who lives and works in Croatia. .Loves to paint abstract  paintings  ,  read religious  books ,watch horror as well as old movies with Audrey Hepburn ,Sharon Tate ,Brigitte Bardot who happens to share her  birth date and (over)thinks specially  about death ,what some people find morbid but not her ,it is a part of life too. Her goal is to be a good person .




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