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Our Silver Star

By James Little                                                                             


Our Silver Star

I know she’s fine and happy there,

but here I sit in silent prayer and frightened by the load I bear. 

Why leave me down in this domain

my Jesus God and take my life entire?

Why am I lost in cold old earth I must inquire to say the least--I shouted!

at you prior. But soul-borne answers singing on their way come wafting down as world revolves from night to day.    

At last surrounds our sight a globe of circled light that with long beams fire white arrayed in dancing ranks of cherubims ballet.

My dear wife sweet she hears all heaven’s songs and sees the lights and feels our love by Savior’s care, and shares our hopes on hopes to be and guards her hubby day and night an angel on her flight. Reminds us too to say our prayers and make her proud and stand above the roaring crowd and says she went ahead with God to help to set our space and home in place.  She say that God and she are love for me so : “Just be thankful everyday, I’m close beside, just over here, a’loving you far greater than before ne’re fear. My hubby smile and shed no tear, my dear; our Silver Star will be for us again my love, but Jesus wants to hold it close Himself this year,” she say to me today.




 Published on August 1st, 2022




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