The Surgical Poet

By Melvey koka (The Surgical Poet)                       Published July 1st, 2022


Where is justice for

The kid who was

Killed down the road

And thrown under the bridge.

Where is justice

For child that was raped

By  her father, and

Mother kept quite knowing.

Where is justice

For the children who

Are street kids and

Got hungry while the

Neighbors are busy

Throwing away food.

Yes I know they're not

Your responsibility and

You toiled hard for the

Money but make it your

Responsibility since you

Have abundance of food.

That'll stop a kid from

Stealing and sleeping with

An empty stomach.

Where is justice

For the girls who turned

Prostitute due to human

Trafficking and later they

Where mothers to children

Of the unknown fathers.

Where is justice

For the innocent soul

That was prosecuted

Without been judged

Or looking at the evidence

Where is justice

For the ole grandma

Who was robbed because

She lives alone.

Where is justice

For Africa?

Justice and judgment

Are the lost treasure

Of Egypt.

By:Melvey koka (The Surgical Poet)

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