By Lisa Gallant


 The first few times 

she tried with alcohol 

Drinking and driving herself

straight into a house

Off the road into a ditch

Straight to jail


Next she tried drugs

Heavy, mind altering drugs

They landed her in detox

Leaving behind an apartment

Full of excrement 

That her mother cleaned


Then she heard voices

Took a knife 

And stabbed her chest

Her beautiful bosom 

Close to her heart

That continued beating 

Long enough for her 

to be found


Finally she swallowed pills

Talking to her step father

On the phone all the while

She gave no indication 

That anything was wrong

Talked and swallowed

Until again

She was found


Were I a believer 

I would say God 

had a hand

Or fate

Or destiny

But perhaps 

It is just 

Dumb luck

That keeps her Alive


Published on September 1st, 2022





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