The Price Of Coffee

By Lisa Gallant

In the hipster cafe

where you must know

 a foreign language

to order a drink,

where your drink comes with a

swirl of a heart which you sorely need, 

where the price of that heart cuts deep.


In the hipster cafe

you might meet an old lover.

You might cry big crocodile tears

into your swirly heart drink

while he begs you to love him right.


In the hipster cafe

you might have a first date.

He might flirt with the cute barista

and then look you up and down

like a prized race horse.

He might insist on kissing you

because, chemistry.


In the hipster cafe

you might try to hide behind

an Apple product pretending to write

or maybe really writing 

while the swirly heart

slowly dissolves into nothingness.


Published on September 1st, 2022




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