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Granny's Chair

By Lorraine's Poem                                                                                                     

Granny’s Chair

Granny’s chair it sits here empty

granny’s chair sits feeling blue

granny’s chair sits with its memories

thinks of all it has been through.

Days of rocking the sweet baby

held so gently in her arms,

while she softly sung a lullaby

the baby wooed her with his charms.

Days of knitting ever knitting

as the babe it grows and grows,

loving hands carefully creating

while the seasons come and go.

Sitting with the summer breeze

fairies dance around the room,

her memories growing hazy

feels the pull of growing gloom.

The chair it now sits empty

gentle breezes they still blow,

memories they hold on steadfast

this is all you need to know.

Lorraine Gilmour

Lorraine’s poems

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 Published on August 1st, 2022





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