A Postcard that will Disintegrate in the Atlantic 

By Maggie Kaprielian

Our affinity used to fly

above the surface. 


With your soul intertwined with mine,

we waltzed through ballrooms and

ran through colossal hallways, 

our fingertips fused together. 


Now I reach for your hand

in the vast depths of oceans. 

But nature’s affliction drifts you

too far from my own grasp. 


My heart aches with sea salt 

when it used to beat with ecstasy;

The ecstasy from your warm touch,

your laughter, your incredulous hymn, 

your earnest existence, the ecstasy from you


And it’s haunting to know that

I’ll wash up on shore as our 

reality becomes dilapidated. 


Can two souls still waltz together 

even when one has perished?


I don’t ever want to find out. 

I’m simply too afraid of letting you go.


Published on October 1st, 2022





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