By Maid Corbic

I always give love and peace.
I'm not someone who just wants to watch wars.
because it makes me very restless.
and I think that a better world stands for us
only if we look at everything from the bright side
I am someone who wants to achieve peace.
various little things and that we all always hang out
For we have become equal living because of
I don't look only at people.
I just aspire to be human somehow.
to build happiness and peace with everyone around me
for my soul seeks only survival.
to still do everything I want and dream of
May peace unite all other people around us.
I am someone who loves this world as it is.
There is certainly always justice.
although sometimes we all have a hard time agreeing about peace
I am someone who represents this peace.
and to always build happiness and joy for everyone in all this
for the soul of my soul seeks only existence again
to resolve all conflicts around us in peace
I don't need restlessness anymore.
I just want a better world.
where people will understand other people
And what was he next to? Everyone can talk about it.
I know that love and peace unite eternal happiness!


Published on September 1st, 2022



Maid Corbic from Tuzla, 22 years old. In his spare time, he writes poetry that has been
praised on several occasions, as well as awarded. He also selflessly helps others around him,
and is the moderator of the WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for unity
and world peace in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the portal of the First Virtual Art Universe;




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