By Maid Corbic

I still feel present in everything.
I am someone who loves love.
But I also want to feel the fear again.
When other people create things
The kind I don't hope for
The point of it all is to be angry with Halloween.
But I know the fear is justified.
Only if I meet some vampires around me
Because I'm someone who loves tea.
Every day to feel that day
I want to get various sweets
And I don’t feel guilty about anything.
If sometimes someone doesn't throw me off the horizon
Because I am someone who only dreams.
To continue to be all that I am and am not
I dream of love still living in me
To share good and evil with everyone
Because I want to offer my costume
Like Batman flying the world
Just to keep building my dreams
May love continue to live in me
This night will be memorable for sure.
Because I only hope for one
Yes, love will continue to live in me.
As long as I'm still alive!


Published October 1st, 2022

Maid Corbic

Maid Corbic from Tuzla, 22 years old. In his spare time he writes poetry that repeatedly
praised as well as rewarded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and he is moderator
of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for
humanity and peace in the world in Bhutan.




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