Explaining her mathematically

By Edwin Mavake             Published June 2nd, 2022

She was six foot ten

In her mid twenties

She was a child even then

Scoring above nineties

I could give her just about a nine

Damn she looked so fine

But never meant to be mine

Jus to wine and dine

It was a hard equation inequitable

Multiples of chains in the impossible

The antithesis left me so so blue

This is a tale more than just true

I tried to bisect through my probem

Take a short cut to find solution fast

In the end it was me to blame

For errors that lay in the past

The answers came wrong

I used the wrong formula

And landed unto an unkown song

I am that sad story teller

All i have left is that magestic figure

This song stands the trigger

Of my journey down memory lane

Were i find you my lovely Jane





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