After The Storm

By Dorthy LaVerne McCarthy

A tornado has devastated our town.
It destroyed the grain
elevator and several homes.
Tree branches and shingles
litter the streets. Trash lies everywhere.
Curtains flap through blown out
windows—pastel tongues
in a still strong wind.
Stunned people wring their hands,
gaze fearfully at each other.
Some, too old to start over,
cling to one another and weep.
All seems lost, but then the sound
of a chainsaw cuts through the air.
Clean-up has already begun.
Someone fires up a grill, ‘burgers
and ‘dogs for everyone.
Friends arrive to comfort and give
assistance. Laughter is heard once
more. Faith is being restored.
This is life in a small community--
neighbors helping neighbors.



Published on September 1st, 2022




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