By Ojo Olumide

thoughts begin                                  like bubbles                               like wishes            afloat
in awe of a                                            levitation                                    which lips              rack to expatiate
like shivers                                           rocking a mirror                      holding                   memories to your face
about you                                             about what’s lost                    about all                 the promises you
made to each other                        under the oak tree                   silence                      & darkness with
your shadows                                    cupped into                                each other’s           body & breath.


these puffs                                            of memories                              fluttered out           of your mouth
in camaraderie                                   like a bird                                     saved from              a tight cage as
your imagination                               writhed from                              the dampness         of a pastureland
when you speak                                 to the wind                                  trees wave                at your eloquence
the wind bear                                      another kind                               of emotion                shoulder high &
safely tuck                                            them into                                      the ears                      of your companion &
she shut                                                 the gate of                                    her heart                    as if nothing was uttered.


your heart is

                               a combat field

                                                              raging with booms                                                                   of questions &
answers seek cover                                       behind her tongue                                                   behind a veil
from the eye of the sun                                to that of the moon.
you rumble in tremor                                    to reconcile                                                                  how your words
fell short of                                                          her emotions.



Published on October 1st, 2022

Ojo Olumide Emmanuel is a Nigerian Poet and Book Editor. He is the Author of the Poetry Chapbook "Supplication For Years in Sands" (Polarsphere Books, 2021). His works have appeared and forthcoming at Feral, Quills, Poemify, Melbourne-Culture, Fictionniche, TNR and elsewhere. He is the editor-in-chief of the Nigerian Review. He is a fellow of the SprinNG Writers Fellowship. Say hi to him on Twitter @OjoOlumideEmma2




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