Space_Exclamat!on and T!me

By Ranjit Roi

W!ll ! am Shakespeare ,         1564 - 1616

W!ll ! am Wordsworth ,           1757 - 1827

W!ll ! am Butler Yeats ,           1864 - 1939

W!ll ! am Carlos Williams ,     1883 - 1963

W!ll ! am Stafford ,                  1914 - 1993

W!ll ! am B!lly Collins ,            1941 …81 years

The l!terature world w!tnessed

Many Great Williams, but W!ll am….?

Of course !’m not….but

The nature’s unnatural nature’

Turns me into a creature

Merely from a lump of clay

And the day ! thought 

! never w!shed to be a poet

But, ! already fell into it….b!t by b!t

!’m l!ke a b!rd flam in go

Pink feathers in one foot

!’m like a flower lot us

Muddy and d!rty but pure

Burning l!ke a vol k know

Messed up l!ke a tor na do

Flowing l!ke a st re am

Falling l!ke sn ow

And all these broken dreams

! can’t say no…no

!’m worst what ! do best

W!sh ! could unth!nk the th!ngs I th!nk

Fall!ng for the poet!c enl!ghtment 

W!th pen and paper , !’m gonna end

And ! don’t pretend my fr ! end…


Published on September 1st, 2022




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