A poet's shoes

By Ranjit Roy

Walk!ng the downtown 

A clown with a crown

These spoofed crowd

Heart's cold and souls sold

Can't distinguish a diamond among gold

With riches everything they've bought

Still originality they can't afford 

Don't have any clue 

How's like to be in a poet's shoes

To ink and paper his entire life glued 

The top gets higher and higher 

The more that he climb

Bruised face hiding behind the paint

He's becoming faint and faint 

Screaming on top of his lungs

Watching his soul that burns

Tired of being waiting for his turn

But the day that never come

Still holding on the courage 

Picking up the pieces 

Of his shattered dream

Blowing with the wind

Flowing with the stream...


Published October 1st, 2022




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