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Music Scene In Melbourne, Australia

By Billie Ream                                                                                                      Published on August 1st, 2022

           When you're from the heart of the art scene in Melbourne, Australia; the best music scene can't be pinned to one genre. Australia is known for its hardcore music that grew in the early 2000s, from the likes of Parkway Drive that are now touring the world; alongside acts that have been lost over the years by I Killed The Prom Queen and Behind Crimson Eyes to name a few. We have Aussie hip-hop artists Hilltop Hoods, 360, Bliss and Eso, and many more up-and-coming artists that I hear are great.

           You walk around the heart of the city on the weekend and you will find all forms of electronic music, hardstyle, trance and what have you. We’ve had lots of music venues close down over the past few years. The main one was Cherry Bar, a sticky floor bar down AC/DC Lane off Flinders ln. Cherry Bar would be known to host all kinds of alternative rock, metal artists, whoever "was game enough" to hang out and have a drink in a place where everyone got along.

          The scene is changing here in Melbourne, you can find blues tunes, acoustic acts, and many mixes of genres down in Fitzroy. Also places that host open mic nights that allow up-and-coming artists to share their beautiful sounds.

          To clarify, the best music in Australia is anything people have to offer, be it sounds that tickle your ears and lift your spirit can be found in Melbourne most nights of the week. The '80s was a spectacular time for rock groups to pave the way, we have AC/DC that blew open the world, Midnight oil to dance along to, Jimmy Barnes, INXS, Men at Work, and the list goes on. We love our rock music, we love our hip-hop and dance tunes. Now electronic music is making a name for itself in Melbourne's night scene, but don't be fooled we have Vance Joy that will sway your soul side-to-side with his beach good feel songs that make you dance the day away with a smile.

         Tash Sultana grooves on the stage to her tunes, surrounded by instruments which she plays with great ease. Melbourne is spectacular for its music scene, a walk down Bourke St you will find many buskers of all forms of sound. This is where Tash and Vance found their way through Melbourne's heart of music, on the street is where its at!

        Melbourne is great for musical aspirations, there isn't a single genre that isn't great in Australia. We love it all here! Depending on what we are drinking and what kind of night we want to have, it can be found here in Melbourne. A superb night-life for anyone that wishes to travel for music, you will find what you are looking for, if not the first night, try again. It's around and sometimes it will be in a place you wouldn't expect it.




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