Volume 3

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Unfortunate metamorphosis of Mother Nature

By Tina Rimbaldo                                                                               

Background – stained with scarlet  blood .

Hair   lifted up   in the atmospheric void,

nothing to hold on to ,

peaks of her  hair locks dance   as flames of fire in her pain .

Plastic green shade arrow launched by corrupt humanity wounds her body .

Moment of her fall is frozen in time on the artist's canvas

humiliation shown to all people ,

for our own shame - not hers .

Tormented face ,  agony of her  eyebrows and clenched eyelids, leaves no one indifferent .

Once vivid flowers withered in the moment of her demise .

Blush pink, now pale skin .

Beneath her rib cage heartbeat stops.

Before her last breath, Mother Nature releases all her rage on humans –murderers of Nature  but also of our own selves.

Flower on her marble gravestone, is the same flower on our own   tombs.


 Published on August 1st, 2022




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