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Silence and solitude are missing you.

By Tina Rimbaldo                                                                                                               


Wherever you find yourself in this world you will find people who lead similar lives. When the sun rays illuminate your room in the morning and pardon you with sleepy eyelids it's time to stand up, maybe you need an incentive to get up especially if you're a kid or a teenager who has to get up early enough not to be late for school.


From morning to day, there is something that follows us. Whether in the house or in the apartment, on a street full of people, it's something called -- noise, crowds.


Noise has many sources, each device produces more or less noise that breaks silence.


In our homes the most frequent noise comes from various receivers - television, radio and even from mobile phones, computers …


So much information goes through them and then into our ears and our minds. It often causes anxiety, stress. Advertisements create false needs for material things by portraying the derelict faces and the perfect unreachable life that happens from the moment we buy a product, as if the product will solve all problems and make us forever happy, fill all the blanks we hide.


We know it's all sales of fog and we still occupy it.


Why don't we do something good for ourselves and the family?


Let's turn off the television receiver and all the devices that steal our silence.


We have that power, it's not power, it's will. Are we willing to take the remote control into our hands and


press the one to everyone well-known , red button?


Are we afraid because silence ,solitude forces us to look inside ourselves, and we face ourselves


We are afraid to look at every pore of our being, of our spirit in every corner … a dark corner that needs healing


It's afraid to look us in the conscience and try to get to know.


Get rid of all the rotten dust to overwrite, remove the spider, all the things we hid in the box of oblivion unlock to open to remove everything we don't need and possibly wash what we need to do, repair....


And so to save all those virtues and creeds that we have, to free a bird of goodness that has been trapped in roasted wings for too long.


Only by entering into the solitude and silence can one change, transform, meet.


The more we run away from silence and solitude the more we run away from ourselves!


But also from the one inside us - God.


God cannot be heard in the noise she is not his habitat.


If you are longing for self-discovery, you will hear silence.


External silence is necessary for inner silence.


Even in this world of noise and crowds, silence has its place and its value, in fact because of the noise, its value is twice as high.


Despite the fact that she's not a luxury she stays free, all you need is the will to silence everything that's not silence.


She awaits you with welcome on her lips and hands spread out and filled  with love.


Silence and solitude are  missing you.


Published on August 1st, 2022





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