Rushing Whispers

                                 By Elizabeth WIll                 
                          Published June 1st, 2022 

Brooks holding silhouettes
of winter beneath
icy hands and breastless
            sliding through waves.

Leaves with backward
                  false grin tighten
lust and loss wires
            beyond experiences
alone of winter or anchor

Peered in swirling mass
Cascades down waves
              in silence slithering
          Slinking as it slaps,
and babbles down rivers
rolling and gliding through
                rushing waters.

It winds it wider bay
                        dipping fingers
in its icy chill.
  It's ripple
          stirred kissing breeze
in clouds through waves
                  and jutting boulders.

Floating  fanciful shapes shudder,
            Still fishes
zizaging trails in winding rill.


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