By Abubakar Auwal

After reading —Bring our casket home— by S. Vershima Agema


We offer fore note

in the homecoming of our casket.

father voice me— thus;

mites waves are myth—

in the cadence of thoughts...

we journeyed to after words,

life blessed the inky winds,

in the absence of lines & stanzas.

in this poem—

wrinkled the star that

twinkled away fluctuational destination

to the grave of uncertain realms.

Published on April 17th, 2023

Abubakar Auwal

Abubakar Auwal is a multilingual teen poet, playwright, essayist, movie actor, graphics designer, storyteller and also a spoken word artist born in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. He is a member of The Poetic Collective (TPC VIII) and a founding-member of The Young Nigerlite Spoken word Artist (TYNSWA_1_).




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