Love in the air or what I wrote after the chat 

By Adamu Yahuza

For [insert name]


For once, I wonder if it is every mighty story that begins with romance—Adam and Eve, day and night, the cloud and raindrops, you and me getting lost inside each other like a Sufi who longs for his Lord. Just like my shadow, I still wear that momentwhen the noon crawls you—a manna, into my DM. I stare at your profile picture & forget my blepharon in yours. your face, a shy dawn waiting to break. Drop by drop, our hearts melt into symphony. every apparition caging us in this madness. I type the words that brings us closer like God does to his servants in the middle of the night—  I told you how you slice me over like an onion. you, a night— I, the k(night). I type & you type back; you type the beginning of us— the beginning of two bodies searching for their breakages like some invisible needle points in each other's embrace. there is something about you that keep me sane, how each time your message pops up I grow goosebumps like a child left in the cold. that night when I ask you to be my Khadijah, I, your Sabouke— I mean to say,  be the reason for my damnation. who say madness is a name given only to a man that walks the streets? I swear the night your voice sways over my phone screen like fraying snows, I mistake darkness for sereness. you talk, I burn. I resurrect into a beast— you, my feast. unlike every feast, my hands couldn't trace their paths out of the pot of your emotions. like a fish in the pond, the thought of you roams my head. like scattered dreads, you toast me over like bread. In your absentia, I sing your name to Rema's calm down. I grow wild. I go weird. I sit under the starry sky mirroring you, a music— reminiscing our chats— the syntax of your smile peppering my eyes like atàródo. just like tonight, there are days I sing your name into every nursery rhyme in my head & paint you before the mirrors of my heart. you; guanine, I, cytosine. I go back to the days when I look at you and I lose words, & you look back into my eyes, your reflection whirling in mine like a cursed Dervish. 


Adamu Yahuza

Adamu Yahuza Abdullahi, TPC V, THE PLOB, is a finalist of the most peaceful university of Usmanu Danfodiyo, Sokoto. He is an alumni of SprinNg writing fellowship, a Best of the Net Nominee, the first runner up of the first edition of Gimba Sulaiman Hassan poetry contest, winner of the NAKS UDUS chapter harmony writing contest and a shortlistee of many contests,



 including; Splendors of dawn poetry foundation poetry and short short story contest. His works are published/forthcoming in THE TEMZ REVIEW, Eunoia review, Brittle paper and many other places. Of all things in the world, he values peace of mind. Say hi to him on twitter @AdamuYahuzaAbd2 and Instagram @Official_yahuzeey 




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