My Picture is not in Color

By Ahmad Al-Shahawy


It is true that my name is Ahmad

And my letters are the most lenient

But sometimes it becomes heavier than a mountain

The pilgrims blamed for their sins.

It is true that I am almost silent

But my spirit speaks uninterrupted.

It is true that I am a kind *Sheikh

As my father used to call me

But sometimes I catch few demons

Playing in my yard.

It is true that I raised trees, cats, silkworms,

Fugitive pigeons and women of no lineage,

But I failed to raise a runaway rat.

It is true that I am as forgiving

As a weeping willow tree

But - sometimes- stubbornness

Expiates me.

It is true that I welcome

A new *hijri year

But sometimes I see many

Immigrations inside me

And prophets waiting for Books

To be revealed.

It is true that the door

To the house is closed

And no body stands outside

Threatening the air

But the hurt sleeps

In the fabric of everything.

It is true that I extend

My rope straight

But I can create countless

Knots in its backbone.

It is true that I am- the son of Scorpio-


But I -all the time- watch

The biography of the sun

And it’s ripping off my shirt.

It is true that I am a rare love book

But I could burn all the papers

If the sun sleeps in her home alone.

*Sheikh is a venerable man in Arabic Islamic countries

*The Islamic lunar calendar; begins with the migration of

Muhammad, 16 July 622 AD; months begin at sunset on

the day of visual sighting of the new moon


Published on April 17th, 2023





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