No One Cares about the Murdered Inside Me

By Ahmad Al-Shahway

No One Cares about the Murdered Inside Me

In my head

Fire ants walk.

I do not know their type or name.

They colonized me

As if I were Solomon

Or as if I were his vast land

Or as if he wanted to be

Next to Jinn in me.

I am not in the position of

Prophecy or kinship

And I have no possessions or miracles.

I hope the queens die

For the ants to depart.

I ask for deliverance from a distant god.

Head ants

Came without permission.

I do not know the reason

Or the date for them.

If the whole world is standing

For me on the edge,

They run in my veins

Like damaged blood.

I feel like a needle prick

Blocking my blood movement

And it does not find the place.

My head became the kernels

Of an orphan tree,

Ants gnaw.

There is no place for me in eternity

With its long tongue-like a palm tree-

That crushes textile insects.

They do not go out of their homes

Nor afraid to be broken

As if, they are proud of their surah

In the “holy Quran”

The guardians of the gates

Of my heaven failed

To close the space

In front of evil, Jinn, and demons

When they limp in my brain


Published on April 17th, 2023




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