By Binod Dawadi 

Christ where are you ?

We are searching for you,

We don't know where are you ?

In the world there is a war,

Diseases and natural calamities,

Which is killing many people,

Here is no peace and harmony,

Earth is like a Hell,

The five sins you tell not to keep,

That sins all the people have,

People are selfish and greedy,

They are materialistic and bad,

Come Christ again in the Earth,

Guide to the people,

Give them knowledge,

You can come in any form,

We will recognize you,

We want your love and help,

We are orphans besides you,

So Christ please come in our Earth.

The Robot Who Can Make God

If a robot can make,

God how much nice it will be,

We can see God face to face,

We can tell our problems,

To the God,

We can be happier,

We can love each other,

We can enjoy with the God,

So Robot if you are intelligent,

And super than create a God,

Who will help to create a,

New world,

Who will gives knowledge,

To all as,

Well as makes life happier.

©® Binod Dawadi



Published on April 17th 2023

Binod Dawadi


Binod Dawadi, the author of The Power of Words, is a master's degree holder in Major English. He has worked on more than 1000 anthologies published in various renowned magazines. His vision is to change society through knowledge, so he wants to provide enlightenment to the people through his writing skills.




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