Let our shivers drought its water

By Emmanuel Umeji

Let our shivers drought its water

Today, the name coronavirus

Walking above hills and plains

Uncovered the face of our serenity

The serenity of our homeland

And exposed our faces to the

Scorching hands of life


The supermarkets with their stock

Shut its hands and denied us our

Surviving mechanisms

We were thrown into the dungeon of

Loneliness, where we must tie

A thick fabric bulkier than two

Folded wrappers of mama

From one end of our ears to the other

We never stay a sec without covering

Ourselves from head to toe

Like the yolk shelled in an eggshell

Just to fight these bacteria


We wished this bright dark day

Padlocking us in its tide loses us

But it seemed as if we thought the

Darkness was getting dew

But it kept giving birth to more

Dark days. Almost a decade

I craved to see mama’s face

And peck her cheeks


How my sister’s face was losing

Its picture in my heart for the

Days to see her are consumed by

This pandemic


How millions of bodies are

Quitting out their soul by

The stroke of this unnameable assassin


We mastered loneliness and visit

God in prayer, awaiting a day this

Bloody scenario of the devil flee our land


Published on April 17th, 2023




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