by Shafkat Aziz Hajam

If you long to have a blissful life,

Don’t shed blood, end every sort of strife. 

Send the word of love and peace to your foes ,

Stand by them , in their joys and sorrows .

Don’t ever think of grabbing anyone’s right ,

Give every one their fair share, never wrongly use your might. 

If you yearn to make your nation strong in every aspect, 

To everyone, irrespective of their position,you ought to respect. 

Break the walls of abhorrence that you have created 

On the basis of color, caste and creed ,

Come together, live peacefully, you will progress  indeed .

No matter what your beliefs are ,

Still ,human beings , the crown of creation you are .

I wish my words would affect you o people of my nation, 

I wish you would maintain peace and build a strong relation .


Published on April 17th, 2023

Shafkat Aziz Hajam is from Kashmir, India  .He is a children’s Poet, author of two children poetry books titled as The cuckoo’s voice and the canary’s voice.His poems are published in different anthologies like PLOTS creatives magazine, USA, Prodigy in Greece.He also writes humorous poems ( Limericks ) for children.





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