The image of her

By Hanh Chau

There I stand

Embracing the image

Of her vividly

That becomes speechless

Her essence of beauty

descends from heaven

Like an angel from the above

Display with exquisite grace and poise-

Like a hibiscus .ower

With a precious lip of

radiant in the morning

That lled with a mesmerizing

With the love of the universal language

An aglow smile exudes in awe

Like the beaming sunlight torch

Brighten up the darkness and glorify the day

Her word is a true testimony hear

Display from a sincere pure heart

With her unselsh instinct to act

Of an unwaveringly profound care

To protect her children from all

As God inherit in her

to perform her diligent duty

She is a witness to motherhood


Published on April 18th, 2023




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