By Chinh Nguyen

Peace is like the bright sunshine

As the source of peaceful beings in life

Like virtue, everybody is desiring

To perform the truth of believing


Using grace to bury hatred emotions

To turn wickedness into compassion

First and foremost peace is sympathy indeed

Then giving up a grudge, eradicating greed


Due to poverty, mercy is a righteous way of Lord

We should have fair behavior to end the war

All nations have the same responsibility

To help all people have a good living, you see


For that result, they must understand to handle

The true, the good and the beautiful as examples

They must admire, adore God, and love human

If they were selfish they’d make chaos homeland


We should agree that the world is a big family

Though we are not the same race and country

But have the same mentality of asking happiness

We should be united to create peace – endless


HNC@ All Right Reversed


Her true name is NGUYEN CHAU NGOC DOAN CHINH. Her pseudonym is HONG NGOC CHAU, her Facebook page is NGUYEN CHINH. She is a Master of Educational Administration, a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Writers' Association (Vietnam), and an Honorary Doctorate in Literature and Humanity of the Church and of Prixton University. Admin member of W.U. P (World Union of Poets), GENERAL COUNCIL level World Union of Poets with MEDAL SILVER Investigator (14th medal of World Union of Poets), VISHWA BHARATI Contributor - India (Vishwabharati Research Centre), International Ambassador of the International Council of Writers & Artists, Administrator, moderator, group expert of many literary forums around the world;


Published on April 18th, 2023




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