By Ranjit Roi

Love , maybe a dream

In which !'m fallen in

Swift and slow floating 

Like a paper boat 

Whispering secret thoughts 

Trying to put them in words

You and me, maybe 

Fractions of the same verse 

And rest I just trust the universe 

Love, maybe a delusion

Tangled between reality and imagination 

Into an ocean of emotions 

This soul can hope and mind can hide 

But the eyes... eyes could never lie

And everytime I see you smile it feels like 

!'m living a dream I was dreaming 

Someday , maybe I will introduce you

To the world as my bride

Love, maybe it's all in my head

Every word you said , every moment 

We shared is like a tattoo in my brain 

Some are meant to fall in love 

With each other but not meant 

To be together...

Maybe you're a feeling I feel forever 

Maybe !'m always a fine dreamer

And a fool lover..!


Published on April 18th, 2023




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