By Sonali Chanda



For man's unfulfilled wishes that lies everywhere, that rifle-sight they design, that in quiet sector to drain their promises- tears fall and flow from each eyes.


Eyes upon that deadly journey and to cross the blind storm, howling and screaming inside their mind, who knows what's there in their art?



Virginity is something each one is crazy for- question arose even towards Magdalene too, here on dark nights wolves wait for their prey, lost virginity roams safely across the world .



Yet many come to wet their clothes, those who're dreadly enough to drown in thirst, I see their soundless howling in their voice-- O' human, are you too sold?

Put your trump card when the world releases sigh,

Too narrow are the lanes to walk side by side,

From loose craving to sharp desires,

Only the darkness know the shirtless spine.


A fire rises each night to awaken the paralysed bones,

For as your fears are, so as your hope,

I see the fire is too near to ice,

Not very far ,more than a step forward.

Between the watery eyes and your dry lips,

A whirlwind born to make you learn;

Learn from your incompetence what you lack .





Published on April 17th, 2023




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