Interpersonal Politician: Monica Rodriguez
"California Politics"

By Vasti Carrion                  Published on June 6th, 2022

      Los Angeles, CA--    

       From a first-person point of view, a bird can gaze on the work of Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez on the 7th district community. Her term has been filled by small actions which remind you of the Christmas spirit season with generous time slots to fill her agenda.

         The people of the 7th district includes Pacoima, Tujunga-Sunland, North Hills,  La Tuna Canyon, Shadow Hills, Sylmar, Mission Hills and Lake View Terrace have embraced cultural events, street clean ups, police community events, cinema gatherings and festivals that support the location's growth as a society.

           Councilwoman’s Monica Rodriguez's microphone last autumn on El Dia De Los Muertos event welcomed the community of Pacoima at Pacoima City Hall as if 'sharing' that moment with her meant a lot. The Councilwoman's term has been filled with moments that go beyond the mere political. Cultural community events that are intimate to a human soul, she can connect with people at a personal level. The Councilwoman has mourned with the 7th district community and the people that live here. Monica Rodriguez reminds you she is family-- a person who has been there in tearful moments that we celebrate because we are still alive.

             Operation BRIGHT Spot, a mini van that drives through the district to clean the city is frequently advertised and supported by Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. The volunteers gather their blue-glove hands and pose in front of the camera as they are archived with Monica Rodriguez at this event that highlights something so insignificant to those who litter the street, but that someone saw significance by putting a team together. The streets of Pacoima are cleaner and more beautiful exposing the mind to a greater well-being.

             Non-perishable bags with flowers, flyers, hand sanitizers and a coloring book is the most distributed items she gives to the people who reside the 7th district. Her office gives gifts year round-- a Santa Clause political office for the COVID-19 pandemic and more. The bag-giving mirrors the chemical reaction of germ terminating under alcohol sanitizers. There are less germs and flus because of Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez and her staff. Non-perishable bags sealed with a state logo, a bag that shares with you political duty and care and how politics wouldn't happen without the lives of people.

            Los Angeles Police Department-- Foothill Division answers phone calls and says thank you for these kind gestures, thanks for the street clean ups while they clean the streets of Pacoima, California and the 7th district of crimes. The law enforcement intervention in community events and partnership with Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez is to serve and protect Los Angeles. 

              An email is returned to as an auto-response after expressing an issue to Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez stating: the police is there for you, for your concerns. Then times flashes to a community event with volunteer police officers, a watching of a movie in the great summer outdoors, that breaks the barrier of authority, "people are just people and you shouldn’t be afraid" as Regina Spektor would say in her "Ghost Of Corporate Future" music that mocks our modern society which still has people with acts dismounting the corporate.

         Her flyers are blue and yellow and often red, in a standard font around the walls of Pacoima, California, they tell you who is here and who you need to know about: Monica Rodriguez with 7th council district. Pay heed to the phrase “with” the 7th council district not “of” to be “with” a particular community is to be face-to-face with people and shake hands! 

       Her red tent makes you a more informed "people of America" by providing flyers for the future and I once got a phone call from her staff to inquire if Monica Rodriguez had my vote and I said "yes, my brother works for her, of course." 


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