By Vasti Carrion                                                  

The fog of Satan’s breath lurks the plaid skirts

of October,

The screechings of the abandoned mental health


By a vampire with syringe sharp nails

Infected with HIV virus blood.


dwells at a Hospital overgrown with hanging

Autumn’s leafs

Hanging like earrings on a murdered bride

who once heard her lover’s vows.

Which the wind took,

the vows, and cried right back

on Halloween night,

she was once a bride


The infected blood would flow 

By the concave veins in fangs, the HIV VAMPIRE BLOOD-SUCKER’s

Knife sharp teeth, after gnawing the pearl white skin

of a prostitute who ran into a

mentally insane institution while intoxication

impaired her brain

from Halloween parties. 


The prostitute’s blood drips with HIV infection

The American RED cross,

With unholy blood with a sinful virus

So vile, God sends them to hell,

For carrying infected HIV blood, by the forgotten hospital,

as a wench witch whore that isn’t forgiven.

the bride’s veil who wailed of the mentally insane hospital woes


As her fair skin cried with ghastly sin, ghastly blood,


As the vampire who drank her malignant blood


 Published on September 1st, 2022




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