By Allan Shawa

 I hear silence in perpetuity,
I am perturbed,
Irked by the stillness
That lurks incessantly.
The absence of the serene voice
Pokes a void
That seeks your whispers.
I dread the silence
That slithers into my core
To halt the glee
That lingers in my soul.
I seek to hear you speak
And pique the spark
To exterminate the bleak streak of gloom
That looms within.
Your utterances with persistence
Spoke light into my darkened heart.
But the silence now hovers over,
As your voice like zephyr
That used to glide
With the gentleness of a breeze
To sweep all despair with ease
Is now gone with the wind,

Thus spawning a demise
To the serenity
That aborted the conception
Of all hurt and distress.
I dread the silence,
In the absence of your voice;
Present are the constant bombardments
Of my heart’s lonely beats.


Published on November 1st, 2022





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