By Guna Moran

Like the mercury in a thermometer
Faith too goes up and down
This morning one haggled
over faith at my home
Hunting here and there on the round earth
he came to me upset
and asked one thousand rupees
I too am not stinking rich
Every month I’ve saved money
To buy a dress for my better-half
My wife knows me well
if I buy the dress after some days it will do
But if I disappoint the man who has come to me
for help with the faith
that would be lost
I thought it over and
held out the one thousand rupees
On impulse my wife held me
in her arms and said
This morning itself
You’ve planted the saplings of faith
Well done


Published on November 1st, 2022

About Guna Moran:

Guna Moran is an internationally acclaimed poet and book reviewer. His poems are published in Indian Poetry Review , Indian Poetry , Indian Periodical , Muse India ,  International Writers Journal , Luvina 103 , Spillword , Quidditty , Whatcom Watch Newspaper  along with 160 international magazines, journals, webzines, blogs, newspapers, anthologies and have been translated into thirty languages around the word. He has three poetry books to his credit. He lives in Assam, India.




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