Ode to October

By Rangit Roy 

Gentle warmness of the sun

And the brightest of the blue sky

is it a lump of snow or cloud...

i still have a doubt

How well I remember

Like a dreamer sky surfer 

Oh, dear October

You always make me bewilder

The color of the autumn

Marigold, Orchids and daisies

Sunflower, daffodils and bell shaped lilies

Heart Filled with

Sitting beside the lake

Beneath a maple tree

A lost soul with wings

Writing a song for the halloween

The evening greets with a feeling of winter

Glittering sky and aurora and the moonlight

It's time for family and friends

For a closer get together

With a perfect bonfire night

Oh, dear October

I adore you more and more each year 

You always been so wonderful

A delightful fool is very grateful...



Published on November 1st, 2022




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