The Organ!c Bless!ng -- S!kkim

By Ranjit Roy

Beneath the monsoon sky

Stands tall the Guardian Diety Kanchenjunga 

Engulf a small paradise with flowing Teesta

As sacred as Mighty Ganga

From north into the south 

And east into the west , beauty 

Sprinkle at its best - the high hills 

Snow covered pine trees

Filled with wildlife sanctuaries 

The holy Himalayan water holding waterfalls

Like a mirror of the fragile nature

Origin of Orchids and cherry blossom 

Along side the aroma of marigold and

Cardamom , 

The home of the Rhododendron 

Painted feathers birds and flowered winged

Butterflies coloring the sky

Uncountable rainbow prayer flags round

And round the Monumental Monasteries 

Peace and Faith in depth - The lakes

Feels like being lost , to be found

Biodiversity and community and the unity

A fossil for the humanity

With festivals and cuisine combine 

It is a fine wine

The heavenly artist behind the scene

An Organic Blessing - Sikkim

And just a fool with poetry to beauty

A tribute to Guru Ladhaki..!


Published on November 1st, 2022





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